Riallto Ubuntu 24.04 setup

Riallto Ubuntu 24.04 setup#

Currently there is support for bringing up Riallto on Ubuntu 24.04 with docker. To use Riallto on Linux requires the use of the xdna-driver which is installed as part of the setup. This driver requires version 6.10+ of the linux kernel, these scripts will upgrade a standard Ubuntu 24.04 installation to this kernel version. Using this kernel version will require disabling secure boot on your device.

Install steps#

On an NPU enabled laptop running Ubuntu 24.04.

  1. Setup Docker. You can follow the steps here.

  2. Add your user to the docker user group and then relogin.

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER ; exit
  1. Obtain a license file for Riallto. Please follow the guide here

  2. Disable secure boot from your BIOS settings. For now we are using an unsigned kernel version requiring that secure boot is disabled before it can be used. To disable secure boot there is a guide from Microsoft here, but often the steps depend on your hardware manufacturer.

  3. Run ./setup_riallto_linux.sh <your license file>. This command will check the kernel version and if the xdna-driver has been installed. If the kernel is not 6.10 or the NPU device drivers are missing it will build them within a docker and install them on the host machine. This takes about 10 minutes to run and after completing successfully the user will be asked to restart.

  4. Reboot the machine. To finish upgrading the kernel to 6.10.

  5. Re run the ./setup_riallto_linux.sh <your license file> script. This will build the Riallto docker and will take about 20 minutes.

Running Riallto / Running Tests#

Inside this directory there are a few scripts.

  • launch_jupyter.sh <notebooks directory> - will launch a jupyterlab server from a docker container allowing you to use Riallto notebooks in the directory provided (usually Riallto/notebooks).

  • run_pytest.sh - will run a suit of pytests to test the operation of your NPU device and the Riallto installation.