Riallto FAQ#

What is Riallto?#

  • Riallto is an exploration framework for AMD RyzenTM AI PCs. The framework consists of a set of open-source materials designed to introduce users to the newly-emerging AI topics of spatial computing and neural processing units (NPUs). It explains the concepts and motivation for spatial computing and NPUs and gives users hands-on experience of interacting with a Ryzen AI NPU for the first time. Riallto helps users to develop a strong conceptual understanding of these exciting, new ideas and a strong intuition for how they work and what they are capable of.

Who is Riallto intended for?#

  • Riallto is intended for anyone interested in AI, especially the newly-emerging topics of spatial computing and neural processing units (NPUs). The intended audience includes students, educators, researchers, professional engineers and hobbyists.

Is Riallto a product?#

  • No, Riallto is open-source software (with a few closed-source elements) that is developed and supported by the AMD Research and Advanced Development (RAD) team.

What does Riallto include?#

  • The Riallto framework includes videos, animations, Jupyter notebooks, interactive demonstrations, tutorials and hands-on coding examples.

Can I use Riallto to develop software applications for a Ryzen AI NPU?#

  • Riallto is not an SDK (Software Development Kit) and it is not recommended for developing applications for the Ryzen AI NPU. It can be used, however, to create and run applets to demonstrate features of the NPU architecture. We provide several such examples in the Riallto notebooks.

    If you are interested in compiler research for the Ryzen AI architecture, we recommend other open-source projects from AMD RAD:

Can I use Riallto to develop AI applications for a Ryzen AI NPU?#

To optimize and deploy AI inference on AMD Ryzen AI PCs, we recommend that you use the:

Where can I learn more about Riallto?#

How can I install Riallto?#

What resources do I need to run Riallto?#

Can I inspect the material before I install the software?#

Where can I get help if I have questions about Riallto?#

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How can I contribute to Riallto?#

Is there a Linux version of Riallto?#

  • Yes, since Riallto v1.1 Linux is supported starting from Ubuntu 24.04 and the 6.10 Linux kernel.