Riallto - an exploration framework for the AMD Ryzen™ AI NPU


Riallto is an open-source exploration framework for first time users of the AMD Ryzen AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and is developed by teams from the AMD Research and Advanced Development group and the AMD University Program.


Riallto lets you explore the NPU architecture and the programming tools that are available for Ryzen AI. It includes an introductory video and a series of Jupyter notebooks.

The accompanying Jupyter notebooks will guide you through Python examples showing how to program the NPU using vision processing and AI examples, and the steps of building your own application for the Ryzen AI.

View online or install Riallto

The notebooks can be viewed online, or you can Install Riallto on your Ryzen AI laptop now to try out the notebooks for yourself.


For support, go to the Riallto GitHub discussions forum.